How Biomagnetism Helped With Covid

Dear All, today I want to share a story that happened last year. It was when India was hit badly with Covid.

We have a few Indian friends here and it was heartbreaking to hear their stories. Every day they received messages from home that someone either in their own closest family, or some of their friends, or one of their colleagues had died … it was a nightmare for them and a nightmare for us watching our dear friends in such a distraught state and feeling so helpless about everything.

One story was particularly heartbreaking. The sister-in-law of one of our friends got very sick in India but the family could not get a hospital bed. All efforts to find a bed for her or at least oxygen to be given to her failed. At the end she passed away. She was only in her 40s.

In that time many practitioners started to have real success with Covid symptoms using Biomagnetism. It was already too late for my friend’s sister-in-law but I did share these success stories with everyone and it did make a difference.

In this devastating time last year one friend asked if I could help her brother-in-law who was diagnosed with Covid and the infection in the lungs did not become better.

This happened all online. I did not even check him as we usually do in person, but I just advised him to get magnets and I sent him the relevant points. And within a short time, the infection was gone.

The story continued but to not make this post too long I will share the rest of his story later which was a series of amazing success with the magnets with unexpected side benefits (and no side effects!).

The great thing about Biomagnetism is that it always yields side benefits,
not side effects.

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