Symptoms: mastitis, weakness, high fever

I learned about the Biomagnetism Therapy from Angelika herself. I was breastfeeding my three months old baby when I got sick with mastitis, the symptoms were very strong, weakness and high fever, when I called my OBGYN they said I need to come over for prescription for antibiotics. My goal was to breastfeed the baby and I knew if I take antibiotics, I will have to either stop breastfeeding or my baby will get a portion of antibiotics with the breast milk. Neither scenario was acceptable for me because my goal was to raise a healthy child without antibiotics. 

Angelika offered a session as she said magnets will help my immune system to fight against the bacteria or virus. After the session my fever went down by two degrees and I went to bed. In the morning I woke up feeling much better and I had no fever. 

On the next day Angelika did another session and found through the muscles testing that my body will be able to handle the rest on its own. I also used homeopathic compresses and eat a lot of berries; however, mastitis was gone within four-five days completely. I am so grateful to Angelika and her magnets work. I believe it was a miracle, within one session she saved me and my baby from course of antibiotics without any side effects.

I am still breastfeeding and my baby is healthy as he can be. Many many thanks to Angy!!! 

CT, December 2018

Kateryina – how biomagnetism helped with mastitis