Symptoms: neck stiffness/pain, brain fog, issues with vision, headaches, toothaches, nerve pain

I was diagnosed with Lyme three years ago, although I believe I have had it for much longer.  I had tried many different remedies (antibiotics, antimicrobials, Infrared sauna, herbs etc) and while I was making progress in some areas, I still had serious neck stiffness/pain, brain fog and issues with my vision. I heard about Angelika and the Lyme Magnetic Protocol from my LLMD.  After only a few sessions with Angelika, my eyes were back to normal! The constant neck pain which had been an issue for several years took longer to resolve, but I could feel it getting better with each session.  It is such a relief to be free of neck pain.

Not only did my neck and vision improve, but I noticed with each session my other symptoms were improving as well.  Brain Fog, severe headaches, toothaches and nerve pain in my arm were much less frequent and less severe.  Even my chiropractor was noticing an improvement in my neurological health.

At the start of the treatment, Angelika had prepared me that I might experience some symptoms coming back as we addressed the deeper layers because with the help of the magnets the body is able to break up biofilms where pathogens might be hiding.   This turned out to be the case, but the reoccurring symptoms were much less severe than they had originally been.  I found the magnetic protocol to be so much gentler on the body than the antibiotics.  Best of all it works!!

I have seen amazing improvements so far which is really encouraging.  Many of the symptoms I was experiencing are pretty much gone and I am feeling much more like my old self.

Angelika is very skilled at the Lyme Magnetic Protocol and I am very grateful for her healing powers.

Massachusetts, January 2019

Beverly: Symptomfree of Lyme disease with Biomagnetism