There is a growing health crisis all over the world with staggering numbers of millions of people suffering from infections and having developed an antibiotic resistance each year. Many resulting in death.

Unfortunately, once antibiotics do not help anymore there is nothing much left in the medical field that can make a difference. And it is a devastating development for all those with chronic infections.

What do you do when your doctor tells you he cannot help you anymore? When you are on your own with your health issues?

Hi, my name is Angi O’Rourke. I was always drawn to finding natural ways to balance body, mind and emotions. As a result I found the Biomagnetism Therapy and seeing the amazing impact of this method I trained with the MD, Dr. David Goiz, and got certified in 2015 in Biomagnetism/Level 1. I continued to learn and got certified for Biomagnetism/Level 2, MicroBioEnergetics and the Lyme Magnetic Protocol in which I was trained from Level 1-4.

What is so amazing with this proven method of Biomagnetism is that it always yields side benefits, no side effects!!! And it has helped there where nothing else worked anymore.

Discover how it works and why! See with your own eyes the impact of this amazing method. Explore all the information on this website!

Magnets… my friends and helpers…

In my personal opinion I believe that everyone should learn Biomagnetism or have someone in the family who knows how to apply it! There is nothing more empowering than having control over your own health!

Of course, NEVER skip the visit to your doctor when you have symptoms of any kind. Always confirm back with your doctor whatever you are doing for your own health.
Biomagnetism is compatible with any medical treatment! And I would recommend it as a supplement right from the beginning, especially when an infection is turning into a chronic condition.

Don’t wait until nothing else helps anymore!

With the additional support of the Biomagnetism therapy your recovery will be faster and you may be able to avoid too many courses of anitbiotics which – science already confirmed – will have quite a number of side effects when taken too long!