How Does It Work?

Although the evidence and the overwhelming amount of testimonies of people is there, scientists – except for a very few  – have still not taken up the challenge of Dr. Isaac Goiz to do more research on his truly remarkable findings.

One may question why such a discovery does not spark more interest?

But if we look closer into who is funding all the researches then it becomes quite evident that there is not a big profit to be made with this truly powerful method of Biomagnetism. All it needs is a pair of magnets…

Article in FAIM: “Although magnets have been used in therapies for a long time, this particular method uses pairs of magnets to neutralize disease-causing pathogens in the body. This system is known as “the biomagnetic-pair by Dr. Isaac Goiz.” It first caught our attention while doing a site-visit in a public hospital in Ecuador. We later learned that this method, although basically unknown in the U.S., is practiced in many countries, especially in South America. FAIM continued its investigations by interviewing practitioners and patients of this therapy. After much documentation has been reviewed and many cases studied we are nonetheless perplexed. The reason is that the anecdotal evidence is there and the scope of the claims made by the practitioners of this therapy are truly remarkable.”

Restoring the Natural pH Balance in the Human Body

Dr. Isaac Goiz was awarded the “Doctor of Philosophy in Bioenergetic Medicine” in recognition for his thesis on the ‘Biomagnetic Pair’ by the International University of Oxford in 1999.

His thesis is that pathogens can be eliminated by re-balancing the pH value in the body. The pH value (alkaline, acidic or neutral) is defined by the concentration of hydrogen ions. If there is an access of hydrogen ions in one part of the body consequently there is a lack of them in another, thus creating either acidic or alkaline niches in which the pathogens thrive. This leads to a pathogenic alteration of the organ. The person becomes sick.

By applying medium intensity magnets between 1000 and 15000 on the respective parts of the body a magnetic field is established in which the natural pH value in those niches is being restored. In this now for the pathogenic microbes, hostile environment they can no longer survive and either die off or are killed by the rejuvenated immune system.

Apart from helping the immune system to get rid of pathogenic microbes the Biomagnetic Therapy also has shown great success in rebalancing organ and gland dysfunctions which are often caused by pH distortions.

Strengthen the Human Body by Boosting the Energy Flow

The influence of the gentle magnetic field of our Earth on the human body can be immediately experienced when we walk barefoot on the grass or go for a hike into a forest. Forest bathing, get in tune with nature – it all helps to restore our energy level and boost our overall well-being. Low intensity magnets simulate the effect of Earth’s magnetic field and it is one of the first effects people feel after a Biomagnetism session to be more energetic and less fatigued.

Dra. Esther del Rio Serrano’s research found the connection of magnetic fields and energy currents in our bodies.

Why does Biomagnetism work? – Results of the research by Dra. Esther del Rio Serrano

We do know by now that our bodies contain magnetite. Magnetite crystallizes in a tetrahedron form. It gets polarized when it oxidases or gets reduced and this generates potential differences which produce a magnetic field through which electric currents flow. We believe that there are balanced magnetic fields within the human body and we understand now that an energy current exist in our bodies.

When there is illness the magnetic grid breaks and causes an imbalance in those magnetic fields. This obiously causes a change in the electrolyte compound which generates a variation in the direction of the magnetic field producing a positive or negative polarization in the organ or organs where this biological anomaly occurs and therefore a change in the pH.

Illness occurs when the magnetite gets disoriented and we now understand that when we apply magnets on the human body we can return the magnetite to its original state so that it can achieve its natural magnetic order, ferromagnetism. When we expose the magnetic material as we do with any other ferrousferric particle to a magnetic field the crystal’s domain aligns creating a monodomain.

When the field gets eliminated the domain remains in its natural state and this is why the energy in our organism gets balanced. The ferrousferric grid recovers its polarity and pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive any longer in an aqueous medium and die off.

Energy flows in our organism in the form of water. The water exists in the interior of our body not simply as water but as crystal liquid formed by high energetic molecules which arrange this water so it can be the conduit for electromagnetic energy. The molecules are arranged transmitting wavelengths and the also have the capability to storage data in the memory. This explains how the brain emits electromagnetic impulses which are being transported through this energy conductor. The crystal liquid form of water helps establish the equilibrium which is attained when applying magnets on the body causing a resonance with the rest of the organism and rearranging the ferrousferric grid where needed.

The Phenomenon of the Bio-Resonance

If the negative pole of a magnet is applied on a point where there is an imbalance of the pH Value (determined by the amount of H-ions) a change in the bio-electricity of that point happens which is interpreted as stress by the cerebral amygdala. The bio-electricity of the brain changes, the left parietal is stimulated and the following muscles contract: Iliac Psoas, Popliteus, Posterior Tibia and the right leg’s common long flexor of the toes.

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