Testimonial / UTI and Dengue Fever

My name is Deepa S. and I am a graduate student at UConn. I would like to share my recent illness experience and how I survived that with the help of Magnet treatments by Angi.
Before the Magnet treatment, I was suffering from Dengue fever and UTI. I was in a very bad situation with swelling and pain in lower abdomen due to UTI and high fever due to Dengue. I was not able to digest the antibiotic medication and was throwing out. Fever went up to 105.2 F which was deadly and life threatening. I was in a terrible condition, with several headache, nausea, was not able to eat, speak or even get up from the bed.
In the middle of all this, I received the Magnet therapy from Angi and it started showing beneficial effects on me. I immediately felt that the headache and nausea was reduced right after the first Magnet treatment and started getting better. I got tested again for UTI 3 days after and the lab results came out negative without any antibiotic medication. I highly recommend the Magnet treatment by Angi, it worked like a life saver for me.

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